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Customer Reviews

Janie Williams


Our daughter died a couple of months ago.  I was blessed to be with her the last 34 days of her life.  She and I had opportunity to talk, cry, laugh, and talk about her children, ages 6 and 15.  This necklace will be placed into her Christmas stocking, and while our daughter never saw this, I promised her I would get her children something from their mother for Christmas.  They can always just read the message on the heart and know they were loved.  This one is for the younger daughter.  I love them.  Thank you.

Anita Canaday-Loth


Very nice necklace. I was pleased to see that the reverse side has a very nice design since some people prefer to wear the writing inside. I had a tough time choosing the words but when I came to this one it said everything I wanted to say. Love it!

Debbie blaszczyk


Neclace looks very nice. Sure my daughter will love it...

Vanessa Denson


Love the neckless. My only issue is it could have been a little larger. It is hard to read the words. I printed them out from the ad and indcluded them in the package to my neice. Her mother (my sister) died of lung cancel (in three weeks time after being diagnose).  My neice was taking it very hard. I gave her the neckless from her mom since she did not have time to say them herself.

Lucille Athanitis


It was beautiful my daughter loved it so thankyou so much

Cleoda Pease


ABSOLUTELY beautiful she loves it