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Regarding the ability to avoid waste, some people think of abolishing the costs associated with the consumption, competition and advertising of products. Baby Yoda Hug Guitar Rammstein Shirt. It is clear that there will be no such spending in socialism. But it must not be forgotten that the socialist distribution apparatus will also have a cost that is not small, even greater than that of capitalism. But the role of such costs is not the deciding factor in our discussion. Presumptive socialists, even taken for granted, that labor productivity in socialism is at least equal to capitalism, and try to prove that labor productivity will be higher. But the first assumption cannot be taken for granted, as social supporters think. The number of products produced in a capitalist society is not independent of how the production process is organized. The key factor here is that at each stage of each production sector, the benefits of each participant depend on the labor productivity of the specific labor contribution.

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Every worker tries his best because his salary depends on the outcome of his labor, and every entrepreneur tries to produce at a cheaper price, i.e. with lower labor and capital costs. who competes with him. 

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