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Round Effron White logo - 11 oz Ceramic Mug



Click "Get the Effin' Deal" to get your high quality, 11 oz mug with Effron's brand new logo! :) Be the first to EFFRON-ize your morning coffee, and your friends! Order extra as gifts for Holidays, Birthdays, etc. for other Effron fans. (The cup will go through many, many washings without fading.)

Every purchase helps Effron stay on tour and everything that goes with it. Thank you for your continuing support!


(That notice that says "XX of these have been sold in the last 22 hours" isn't true. It's just the merch company trying to be 'positive'. lol! We still do need and appreciate your support, one item at a time.)


Buy Now. Special New Product Pricing for "EFFRON-ites" Only. After the initial launch, prices may increase. Again, this is the 11 oz ceramic mug. Also look through the store for the 15 oz mug.


Limited Time Only


This item is NOT available in stores.


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(Printed And Shipped From The USA)


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