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Right and he'll gesture to the pen. Suddenly everything changes the tone in. The room darkens. Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Shirt And so you know how does that make our. Job more difficult it's intimidating. It's it's an unsettling position to be. In when all of a sudden the crowd in the. Arena looks at you the media in the pen. And starts booing and then the rally. Ends after an hour or something like. That and so we did what any you know. Good news crew would do is now we're. Released from the media pen so we go out. Let's talk to people and people were. Pumped up because they've just seen.

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Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Shirt but Pleasant again which again. Reminds me and I think should remind all. Of us that everybody who supports It’s Time We Circle Back Donald Trump Shirt. They're just they're just Americans who. Happen to believe in this guy and and. And the things that he says and stands. For but they're nice people. Brett's assault on me drastically. Altered my life for a very long time. When I think back to you know moments of. The year and I think of Blasi Ford just. Telling her story in such a believable. Way to be contradicted by Kavanagh but. Then within a few days well we've. Decided that we can't get to the bottom. Of it really it was a blah blah but a. Being but a bang he's in I take this. Office with gratitude and no bitterness. That was an unusual to say the least I. Think what resonated with me and you. Know millions of people is just what it. Must have taken for her to do that. How hard. That was to do to knowing the fallout. That would come from that I I don't. Think i'll ever forget it it was. Remarkable is the National tonight.
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Residents have a tight-knit Florida. Community are face to face with the. Horror of a mass shooting and the script. Is eerily familiar you live in the. State's long enough as a journalist. You're going to cover a lot of mass. Shootings it's just the way it is and. I've covered my share of them in my time. Here and so this year we had parkland. And like so many other such shootings. What has followed this one is outrage. And despair after Parkland there was the. Rally in Washington it was one of those. Unforgettable moments in this country so. The days around that student rally after. Parkland we wondered what about other. People and so we took a drive up to. Baltimore and we went to a high school. In Baltimore how many people here and. Know somebody who's been shot raise your. Hand but a black person gets shot do.

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They do anything about it no did we have. A much no and they said and nobody. Marches for us it's not in headlines. Donald Trump It’s Time We Circle Back Shirt We're black. You know and so what goes through your. Head is like what what what is going on. Here. Why isn't the whole country rising up to. Stop that is it because nobody cares III. Don't believe Americans don't care about. That but people at that school in. Baltimore believe that and it's sad it. Can be overwhelming at times trying to. Cover the news down here because it. Changes so quickly and there's so much. But I find that when you when you do. Your job yes sir go ahead thanks mr.. President. Seba sir was some give and take on both. Sides for this deal I wonder what as. Corny as it sounds it's satisfying I. Mean if the job of journalists is to. Inform people to inform voters to inform. The population so so people can make. Better choices about what they do with. Their lives how they vote then you've. Done your job and you and I think. Journalists can feel good about that. When you do that and I think you survive. Because because truth Rises.

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