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To my daughter When it's too hard to look back and you're too afraid to look head necklace - mytea


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Customer Reviews

Dawn moler


I could tell you a story about my oldest daughter and I and how that saying on the necklace is so perfect, but this is only a review of the necklace its self.  The heart charm is beautiful,  wish it was a little bigger so it was easier to read.  She has hung the necklace in her room so not sure if she will wear it or keep it as a keepsake.   When I first found that same charm on wish and read it, I cried and cried.  I ordered from wish but to no surprises if never came.  So I google To My Daughter and found this heart.  It cost lots more but so worth it to me.  So I would tell any mom that this is a beautiful gift for your daughter.  And buying it from here at least you know you will get a beautiful piece.