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Thus, the notion of luxury is a historical one. Many things we consider essential today have once been considered a luxury. Sin Cos Couple Shirt. In the Middle Ages, when the Byzantine wife of the Venetian governor of the region used what we now call a flat spoon to pick up food, not to pick it up with the hands of the Venetians, it was considered a dish. luxury goods, ridicule the gods, and they thought that if God had eyes, then this woman must have a terrible disease to be worthy: they certainly think that spending money wasted on such nature. will definitely be punished by God. A few generations ago, the indoor shower room was considered a luxury, now every English worker family has it. Thirty-five years ago no one had a car, twenty years ago owning a car was considered a luxury, and now in America even workers have their own Ford. That is the trend of economic history. Today's luxury item will become a necessity tomorrow.

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The first improvements were all the luxuries of a few wealthy people, but after a while it became an essential item, which everyone took for granted. The consumption of luxury goods helps the industry discover and create new products. That is one of the factors that make our economy dynamic. 

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