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Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt

There's no wrinkles in it. So that the whole platform will be. Getting hit. Now this is curing all we're going to do. Is take our. Heat press have your timer. Ready to go and. We're going to start this puppy now and. Start. Team boom. And now your shirt is complete. Let me show you what this bad boy look. Like. And boom just like that your shirt is. Done look at it right now. You're going to get a lot of enjoyment.
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From doing this right here this is what. It looks like. Looks like you just got it from the. Store you can also get really creative. With it and you can actually. Go ahead and cover up the. Label shirts if you don't want to go to. Walmart and you guys are really feeling. Like you know frisky. You guys can go ahead and order bulk. Shirts where there will be no labels at. The. At the top then you can create your own. Label with it you guys go ahead and run. With this. If you guys like this video anything you. Learned anything make sure you guys hit. The like button hit the subscribe button. Write a comment down below if you guys. Got any questions again anything that i.
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Used is in the description down below. And i want to see you guys going out. There with your own clothing line. And making some money and i will teach. You a thing or two. About making some money because once you. Get this down what happened is. You can go to your local store and say. Hey how about i make you a t-shirt. They like it so much now they need. Shirts for who they employees. Now you got a store that you're making. Shirts for you go to another place. And make shirts for them boom now people. Are saying hey. This this this person makes t-shirts and.
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They're pretty reasonable on price. Now look you got a company just like. That until i see you guys again. Love you guys peace stay safe out there. I'll see you guys another day.

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