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Doctors know that fainting occurs when the heart does not speak. If the heart and blood vessels are stained by rotting or the heat from the rectum, the person will become ill, weak, and eventually lose consciousness. Freddie Mercury Christmas Tree shirt. In 1862, Edwin Smith (1822-1906), a pioneer Egyptologist, purchased a scroll of papyrus found in a tomb near Luxor. Smith tried to decode this document, but with little success. When James Henry Breasted (1865-1935) completed the scroll translation in 1930, he changed the ideas about the relative importance of magic, experience, and surgery in Egyptian medicine. . Breasted thinks Smith's scroll is a valuable document, a collection of a system of cases that gives physicians important information about the body and physiology. There are parts of the Smith scroll that are copied from very ancient documents, so the proverbs and concepts in the original text are almost impossible to understand. Therefore, the correspondent who compiled the document had to provide additional explanations to help his contemporaries understand the text, so that modern Egyptologists could obtain valuable information.

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The 48 cases stored in the Smith scroll are systematically arranged from head to toe in order from mild to severe.

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