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I told you, I can't leave her alone. Nam Cung Phong hugged Au Duong Van tightly, she could feel, his body was trembling slightly. John Lennon Ilnagine shirt. She could not think of, after all, a kind of bitter hatred that made him indestructible. He felt his father's death had something to do with her, but he also had no evidence, this was just him. Just guessing, even if it was related to her, Dad was dead, could he not let go of his hatred and buy his own laces? Not only. Au Duong Van painfully stroked his black hair: If it was for Tang Huan's business, I could let go, because I was not afraid anymore, what do I need to keep on the wing? Vân, don't say anymore, please don't talk anymore. Nam Cung Phong's body trembled even more, which made Au Duong Van very confused, since when he met again, he had always avoided talking about that, at first she only considered that he could not let go.

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But now vaguely feeling, there seems to be another hidden affair. Must absolutely take me away? Just for a while, wait until the storm passes, I will pick you up.

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