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Before talking about the socioeconomic conditions of democracy let us go back to its roots, back to the examples of democracy in the ancient Greek city states or Novgorod and Pskop. old times. Jeep croc shoes crocband. The most obvious thing is that these republics, without exception, are countries with developed pre-goods relations. In modern terms, these are countries with extensive international relations, with positive commercial relationships with neighboring countries. During the Middle Ages, in Switzerland, Spain, Novgorod, and Pskov the majority of the population could read and write. In Novgorod even women can read and write. In the ancient and medieval republics, the level of culture and production was quite advanced.

Jeep croc shoes crocband

Up to now, the secret to producing very beautiful black and red ceramics of Greek cities has not been found, the know-how of jewelry art, statue casting, architecture, and money casting in Northern Russia. Here we do not question what is the cause and effect of the democratic development process. But always remember that the existence of democracy is always accompanied by a high level of development of socio-economic conditions compared with contemporary countries.

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