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And since it is not a material thing, the soul can observe the world of ideas. Plato also argued that the soul existed before it took up residence in the body. It was in a drawer with all the cookie molds. But as soon as the soul awakens in a human body, it has forgotten all the perfect ideas. Then something started happening. Hot rod what a ride poster. In fact, a miraculous process begins. As the man explores various patterns in the natural world, vague recollections stir his soul. He sees a horse, but an imperfect one. A horse-shaped gingerbread! That image was enough to awaken in the soul a faint memory of the perfect horse that the soul had seen in the world of ideas, which evoked a desire to return to the world. its really. Plato calls this desire eros love.

Hot rod what a ride poster

The soul then feels a longing to return to its true origin. From here the body and the entire sensory world are experienced as imperfect and insignificant things. The soul desires to fly home, to the world of ideas on the wings of love. It wants to be freed from the chains of the body. I must emphasize that Plato is describing an ideal line of life, because certainly there is no way that a man will let the soul free to begin his journey back to the world of ideas.

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