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Christmas Martial Arts Mug


Ho Ho Ho! It is time for our Christmas martial arts mug! Get yours today so you can start sipping that special, spiced, spiked egg nog, Irish coffee or other “happy” beverages in style this year with our original and unique mug.  Sip your favorite beverages all the way through to New Years!  Heck, you can use it all year long if you want, who says you can't be “happy' all year with your special beverage, your not going to care if your in, or out of season.  But one thing is for certain, this is a unique mug. This is our King's Martial Arts Christmas Tree. What martial artist would not want this tree?? It has special goodies all over it and around it. There are various types of ring daggers, shuriken, dirks/spikes, chain whips as garland, a nice big shuriken tree topper, a martial arts fan at the base, tonfa on either side, butterfly swords, 2 spears behind the tree, peaking out at the top on either side of the shuriken tree topper, as well as iron sai. I bet there are even more goodies hidden in that tree!

And, between the trees, is a representation of the Shaolin temple, and all of it set in snow.

You have to wonder what kind of gifts Santa might be packing in his sack considering how the tree is decked out. You would NOT want that sack of gifts to fall on your foot, you might need some stitches. It's probably filled with all kinds of great weapons.

And if he is packing weapons, lets hope you are not on his naughty list! Maybe show Santa some support by getting a mug and you can get off of his naughty list.

Order yours today, or more than one as a stocking stuffer. On Christmas eve leave your special Christmas mug with some cookies and milk, or some other beverage if you think Santa might need it, then Santa can see just how dedicated you are.

Available in 11 or 15 ouce sized mugs at the same price.

Order yours today so you can start using it and enjoying it right away.

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