Roll Your Mouse Over The Mug To Watch It Change Colors

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Trump 2020 - Color Changing Mug



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Customer Reviews

Scherry McGuire


The Trump - 2020 color changing mug was received yesterday.  It is a very nice product and it changes color just as advertised.  Perhaps a single sheet in the box showing the two 'faces' hot and cold would be a good idea for us 'old' folks.

I wish you the very best success with your new company.  If you have a sheet or catalog I would be interested in receiving one.

Good Job!

Jesse Midkiff


Mug is fine.  Well pa kaged.

Robert Lavin


I did not know that you had to add hot water to the cup to have the image appear. I called customer service and talked to a very nice lady and she told me what to do and it works great. A old person like me it might help with a little info with the mug. Thanks  

Bruce Leman


The cup is both beautiful and unique.  It really amazed my wife; however it does not take much to amaze her. :)  Seriously I really enjoy serving her coffee in it.

Steve bruhn


The cup is absolutely perfect!  I'm sure it'll be a real hit at work.

John Moyer


Pretty darn cool