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Customer Reviews

Anthony Moscicki


I served in Vietnam 1968-1969.  This was definitely our song.  Although we have left the country many of us are still there due to physical and psychological problems.

Whani saw this on line I showed out to my wife and her response, "get it".

It arrived within the stated time. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry. Very well made.

I would suggest that any Viet vet who likrs this to get it before they're gone.

JoAnn Nastasiak


Did Not receive necklace yet?



I LOVE IT!!!  It was for my hubby--a Vietnam Vet.  At all of our military reunions that is always "the song" that gets everyone on their feet and singing along!  And it came very quickly--thanks!!

Richard Belardo


This is a wonderfully designed piece of jewelry. It has a very special meaning to me. I was in basic training in 1965 and on KP duty washing dishes. I heard this song come over the radio. I remember saying to myself this song is so appropriate. It describes my feelings exactly especially since I was drafted. Thank you for this beautiful necklace. Takes me back to that moment every time I look at it.