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So it might make people think that this was just a beautiful dream that she had dreamed. Viking Deadpool Norsepool shirt. Husband, it is so fun, we finally see the snow of diamonds then, we will not be separated from life forever! I hope it really works like that. Flat Au Duong Van holds Nam Cung Phong's neck tightly, giving him a kiss on the face: Phong, thank you, thank you for helping me to fulfill a wish, to show my gratitude, from now on I will fulfilling my three aspirations, tell me, what do you want me to do for you? Really? Nam Cung Phong is very interested. Of course, I am a person who values ​​prestige. This is a real bargain, you've done a trade for three. You make me very surprised, nothing is more important than my lover, if someone asks me if I want to live alone for a hundred years or want to live with the person I love only a hundred days, I will not hesitate. If you choose to live with your loved one hundred days, what does it mean to be a lonely person, living a long day like a year, a hundred years is too much for me, I do not want to live alone so.

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In the eyes of Nam Cung Phong flashed a complex ray, but did not say anything, just smiled softly. Do you know the difference between first love and true love? He shook his head: Don't know.

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