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Unmasked Unmuzzled Unvaccinated Unafraid Shirt

The white house now for the Unmasked Unmuzzled Unvaccinated Unafraid Shirt . Covid briefing. When you press harder.  We can do this. If you're not vaccinated yet. Now's the time. With that over to dr. Walensky. For an update on our progress.  Good afternoon. I'm pleased to be back with you . Today.  Let's begin with an overview. Cdc reported more than 34,200 . New cases of covid-19.  The 7-day average about 36,800. Cases a day.
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This represents yet another . Decrease from of about 23% from . The prior 7-day average and . Every day with daily case us. Continuing to fall we remain. Encouraged. The 7-day average of hospital . Admissions is 4,100.  Another terrific sign with. Another back to back decroce of . 12% from the previous 7-day . Period and 7-day average daily. Deaths declined to 587 per day. Today i have several exciting . Announcements to share with you.  First since becoming cd c . Director i have seen firsthand. The current frail state of the. Public health infrastructure in . This country. I'm committing to upgrading the . Public health system so the . Nation is ready for whatever. Comes next. Today we are announcing the . Upcoming release of $7.4 billion. In funding from the american. Rescue plan to hire, train and. Support public health workers . Across the country reflective of. The diversity within the. Communities they serve. Over half of the money being. Released $4.4 billion will. Support states and localities . Creating tens of thousands of . New jobs in communities across. America, expanding the. Overstrechled public health . Departments with new hires to . Support the efforts and $3. Billion to build a public health. Workforce for the future. Though many threats increased in. Complexity and scale and recent . Years the nation's public health. Workforce has gotten smaller. This support will immediately . Add more staff and help . Departments across the country. It will add school nirss to k-12. Schools to support safe . Reopening and support . Vaccinations as vaccines are. Authorized for younger people.  It will expand the number of cdc. Epidemic service intelligence . Officers to respond to local. Outbreaks and help curb the . Pandemic. It will expand public health. Career paths, rekrurt and train . Future health leaders and launch. A public health americorp for a . Long and highly skilled . Workforce that's ready to . Respond.  It will create new programs . Sbepded to increase staffing at . The nation's laboratory and . Build preparedness for the. Future. We are really excited about what. This support will mean for the. Public health capability now and. Into the future.  Second last night i endorsed the. Recommendations of cdc's. Advisory committee making the . Pfizer vaccine available to . Anyone is 12 years and older. I want to thank the acip for. Reviewing the science and . Providing a recommendation on . The safety of the vaccines. This is an important step . Forward in our efforts to . Vaccinate as many people as . Possible and to stop the. Pandemic. And finally,i want to provide . You an update regarding cdc's . Guidance for fully vaccinated . People. Over the course of the pandemic . We are continuously gathering . Data and evidence to inform the . Guidance and decision making. We now have numerous reports in . The literature that demonstrate . The safety and real world . Effectiveness of the authorized . Vaccines. On this slide there are three . Recently published studies, one . From israel in jama on the top. And two from the united states, . Both published in cdc's weekly. Report which all show that. Covid-19 vaccines work. In israel there was a . Demonstrated 97% vaccine. Effectiveness against Teechip - Unmasked Unmuzzled Unvaccinated Unafraid Shirt . Symptomatic and 86% against . Asymptomatic infection in over. 5,000 health care workers

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