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Review Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit Again Cause I'm Not Done Yet Shirt

Between the two so that is fine there. And these i need to make bigger guys. Okay i'm going to put these on the side. Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes Shirt Well maybe i'll just put these with the. Names and i want to move this on the. Other mat let's keep my max like. Organized by this time uh item design. Whatever you want to call it so this. Fits here and there's just one extra one. On this max that i mirror it no see look. At this not paying attention angela you. Shot me with this yeah muted that it's. Mirrored cutting here this okay just. Want to still up here up here up here. Let's see put these up there what's on.

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The other page just more news. Okay and i'm pretty sure i can fit these. On the other mats how does this happen. Like disappear sometimes okay one two. And one more three okay so i'm going to. Move this one here this one here so. There's enough space between everything. Cool beans. Okay sometimes not to cut everything and. That is it so you just click continue. Let me double check to make sure mirror. Is turned on for everything turn it on. Turn it on turn it on turn oh oh well. This one's nothing it's gonna delete. After turned on turned on cool just. Click continue and it'll pop up and on. Julie okay and then you'd put on iron-on. Plus and start reading okay so i. Finished cutting everything it's all. Been we did peeled whatever you want to. Call it but ever that had never showed. You guys the shirts so these are the. Shirts on there raglan's rb they also. Form a swatch so all they're like. Pattern shirts come with swatches that's. Cool well i don't i'm not gonna use it. Obviously cuz i'm making a final design. On the applique so use all the shirts i.
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Got i think 17 of them i only orders for. Seven of them right now so i have 10. Left over and as people were obviously. With us so yeah um it's four o'clock now. We'll go ahead and try to let's start. Making those so yeah i may not be able. To talk i might have to do a voiceover i. Don't know yet depending on how loud tv. Is because they're upstairs watching tv. Well husband's sleep they're both. Everybody sleep up there on the couch so. Yeah ok so here's all the pieces they're. All cut we did everything's organized by. Which pieces is and since they are. Glittering they can be laying on top. Because they peel right off those if you. Layer them on top of each other you be. Screwed trying to peel them off of each. Other so so yeah so i'm gonna start. Making the shirts. And this is what i meant by like they're. Cut out they have the cutouts for the. Hearts like you see right here cards not. Finished which helps because otherwise. You can tweet it or you can layer it. [music]. So see what i mean i don't think is. Gonna focus oh yeah this so you only a. Tiny bit of space um because it's cut. Out i can move it again specifically fit. Right in. Like i said if it layers talking each. Other is gonna peel apart so there you.

Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit Again Cause I'm Not Done Yet Shirt, Hoodie And Sweatshirt

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Go i do five seconds each aware and then. At the end of 20 my heat press is kind. Unicorn I Suck At Calming Down After Ten Minutes I Start Talking Shit  Shirt Of broken i need a bit more it's lasted. Almost three years,  Again just make sure soon focusing um if. It's right in you don't want them to lay. Here on top of each other so i spend. Much i'm gonna do for the whole thing. You just put the pieces in and make sure. The glitter does not touch each other. And to find the middle point between the. Eyelashes i don't have a touch i just. Have the bathroom in touch so now that. There's a crease for the middle of the. Eyelashes and then i'm lining up with. The crease of the middle of the shirt, This is what the shirt looks like things. Are so cute so let me go ahead and make. The rest. [music]. Okay so it's later i just fed a roman. And i did finish up these shirts. Finished these shirts to church so those. Are done i thought i was done with all. The vinyl shirts from now i have two. More st. Patrick's day disney shirts to. Make then i'll be done with my binding. Shirts and then i'll start on tutus. Maybe not decided yet but i would always. Did her so yeah please make sure you. Subscribe and go ahead and check out our. Facebook group we've been getting so. Much communication going instead of you. Know everyone keeps asking me like the. Same questions so suddenly having to. Respond every single email if you go in. The group everyone there can answer your. Questions are some of the embroiderers. On there so go ahead and join the group. It's called kids custom designs fans. I'll link it down in the description so. Thank you guys so much for watching and. I will see you in my next video bye.

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