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WHERE TO FIND: Trucker east bound and down poster

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The farmer raises cats to catch rats. In the Chinese farmers' eyes, as long as the mouse is caught, the color of the cat's fur, whether white or black, does not matter. Trucker east bound and down poster. That simple argument can hint at many excellent theorists about the relationship between purpose, tactic and efficiency. Catching mice is the goal, the number of rats caught is effective. Between purpose and effectiveness, it is possible to choose from a variety of tricks, methods, and paths.
Trucker east bound and down posterMao Zedong only believed in the old way, not at the same time, with Mao's generalization, which means: one is large-scale, the second is the publicization. The translator cannot build socialism. Changing tricks is seen as throwing away the socialist goal. Dang said that in order to reach the socialist goal there are many tricks, in the end which is the best tactic, it is necessary to see its actual effectiveness.

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