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There are methods for reciting these sounds. If there is a special, powerful beat and rhythmic beat, then the invoked soul will enter immediately. And if the soul for which this mantra was invented has vanished into nirvana, another soul with a similar purity will enter. All the religions of the world have certain mantras. Trucks blanket. It has five segments. Each passage has a plea that becomes more and more profound. Usually, people chant the entire mantra, but this is not the right way. Those who desire contact with high spirits should continue to repeat only the first part. The remaining four parts do not need to be repeated. There should be complete emphasis on only one part because the soul that is related to that part is different from the souls related to the other parts. For example, the first part of this mantra, Namo Arihantanam, is the submission to the arihantas - those who have destroyed all enemies and those who have transcended all their senses.

Trucks blanket

Ari means enemy and hanta means the destroyer. Hence, this is a specific plea to fully realized souls who can take only one birth more. This part one should be repeated with special sounds and effects. In this plea, other Jaina souls are not included, and therefore, they are not exposed. This arihant is a special technical word associated with the highest Jaina souls. With this mantra, the soul of Jesus Christ cannot be contacted.

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