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Because that year, the girl who was hurt by him and left for exile, if it had not been for them, she might not have been in this world anymore. Drinking the tears of my haters mug. Lap Dinh and Wick are my benefactors. During a year in France, they took care of me like a sister. I am indebted to them, I see for myself how pure their love is. So we are just good friends in the same predicament, as well as being like siblings like limbs, moreover, and intimates who know each other. The eyes of Love are wet. Quy Phong was deeply moved, hugging Tinh Tinh: Sorry, I don't know between you and them that happened like that. Why didn't you say so? I suppose you believe in my dignity. Stupid. I trust you, but I love you more. The more I love you, the more I can't stand you to treat other men well. While I'm not aware, looking at you and Lap Dinh close to me, how do you tell me to stay calm? Idiot, don't hide from me later. Love takes a deep breath: It's not that I hide you. As Lap Dinh did not want to let him know. After all, there are very few people in this world who can accept homosexuality. He doesn't want to go anywhere and is looked at by other people with unusual eyes. So what are they?

Drinking the tears of my haters mug - royal

Why are you running to the back of your mansion? Lap Dinh argued with Wick and returned home. Wick knew he was at my place so he came running all night here.

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