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Hi everybody I'm Jones and our man. And we're jonesing man and today we are. Jonesing on this Suntory Japanese. Whiskey hmm Toki I guess Toki means like. Though it's a connection of time okay So I think you're already starting to. Fill us in a little bit this was a your. Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Shirt Suggestion I want to put that right now. Well i'll go ahead and lead officer you. Know a few years ago I went to Japan and. You know it was it was an amazing. Experience. Oh yeah the people are you know. Completely just 180 for most Americans. Everyone went Japan it was very friendly. Everyone was very cool and I got to. Taste a lot of different foods that were. Very interesting um one of my best. Stories is you know you you know I have. Severe sea food allergies and everything. There has seafood in it. So you know I had the pig in test it's. Not about I would never do it again but. While I was there I got to try a lot of. Different liquors and unfortunately like.
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Him the most of most cases when you go. To a bar are you on the trip you don't. Absolutely remember what you tried but I. Remember they had some pretty good. Whiskey and so when I went into the. Liquor store and I saw the Centauri I. Said that looks like the bottle but uh. I'm not exactly sure because um they did. Yeah let's go ahead okay let's crack it. Open it and see what we get here all. Right so do you know any any banking. Additional background well you mentioned. That Toki was late or evidence to tell. Arrested some connection time okay i'm. Not exactly sure why what this. Particular connection is I don't know if. It's modern and I don't know if it's a. Modern time or what kind of transition. It is I think I saw something that said. That Toki meant the youngest so like. That i'll begin the newer end of it but. If somebody's out there I can maybe feel. It a little bit more we are open to that. One thing I will say i'll notice right. Away this is uh I guess this is a fifth. It's a 86 proof. Um the it's funny because this is not. Plastic it's kind of like it is plastic.
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But it's kind of like a felt kind of. Paper kind of feel to it so that's a. Little bit. Much like Japan very interesting so. Twist off top so there you go alright no. Man before we take necessity you can go. Ahead and pour but you are definitely. Not a scotch man no I can go ahead and. Say that you know it is whiskey it is it. Has some grain but it's also made from a. Lot of molds okay so I I will I will. This is a beginning of this we started I. Mentioned to you that I think i've seen. Is in Scotch house close to Scotch out. But hey so this not sooner this may be. Our first scotch. I'm definitely down for venturing out so. I'm really excited about buying it to. See if my memory serves and this is. Actually what we were drinking yep. I mean this it's got a stronger odor to. It but not too bad let's click on my. Drink nikuman trigger. So what oh is this what you had before. Possibly one of them this is put on the. Rugs. Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Shirt I will was there it was very interesting. On and those of you who have been to. Japan and may have possibly gone to one. Of the girl bars oh this is not that. Kind of show. Oh no it's not exactly what you think it. Was a very interesting experience where. You know you go to this bar you pay. These young ladies to sit at your table. And pour your drinks okay and they act. Like they are the you know like you are. The love of their life and time runs out. And you know you know so we'd ever gonna. Have to swish the ice around a lot in. This but what uh what where I was. Getting some in the barn. You know they were always they always. Wanted to pull water into the drink and. That was when I first realized that a. Lot of people like to have water with.
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Their whiskey yeah because it does bring. Out the flavor and it does take take it. Down to make it more bearable for a lot. Of people Disney's water well that's why. I'm kind of kind of juicing it up and. Talking a little more so you can let it. Sit and and and get a little more of the. Water to it but they would actually put. Drops of water in it and there was a. Surprise they were like oh ho ho. American no oh strong and I'm like and. And at first I didn't understand until I. Kept drinking more and more yeah you. Know ultimately figure out that hey this. Better what I will say to you know we at. Some point in our lives we've had. Moonshine real at some point but I think. Some of our first drinks but this at. Some point we've had moonshine so you. Know this is in comparison it's probably. Not that bad the proof is Cheers. Much different take a winter and. Hopefully I got enough water on it for. You clinking a sibling drink yeah. Believe it or not this is I think this. Is what I had on yeah surprisingly do. You i'll let you go since I kind of know. What your review is gonna be okay so um. Let's be serious about it um this is a. Whiskey is Japanese and I don't i've. Been I haven't ventured into the world. Of Japanese whiskeys that much but if I. Had to compare it to something it is in. Really close relationship to scotch. Very smoky very strong very bold in the. Flavor I was gonna say in in a single. Malt kind of feel and it is a single. Malt yeah and it's typically aged in. American oak and Spanish you know yeah. That's where you're getting a lot of. That Scotch taste so I would say that. This is the Scotch. Without the Scotch. I guess because it's in its Japanese. Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Shirt That makes it not a scotch because I. Think scotches are in Scotland right. Whatever it takes to be a scotch to. Separate but anyway I believe I would. Say if I tasted this solely no bottle. Just somebody poured it that this is a. Scotch any day of the week and i'll be.
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The first to admit that I'm not a scotch. Fan as that's just there's really. Nothing pleasurable about it because it. Is so strong it is some bold that take. Your breath it's like Chicago in the. Middle of winter it's just so bold when. A waistline laughter jacket yeah just it. Just it'll just it'll take your breath. Away or uh or Chicago with a windbreaker. It is not me um I feel like this is. Ashtray with a little distilled water. Switched around in it and you know. Strain down in my glass you know I for. Me it is so it is a flip flop okay okay. For me I don't call it the flat okay I. Think I would have to do more tasting to. Get it into a a definite favorite mm-hmm. But I think it's something cool to have. And like I said it's something I wish I. Would have bought some when I was in. Japan yeah to make sure I got the. Whiskey I was drinking but this isn't. Bad if you are a whiskey Scotch kind of. Drinker yes this much dipped to me much. Different than because I people say it's. Always yes it is. Well I think it is a definitive I guess. Even not being a longtime bourbon. Drinker if you set me with a whiskey. With a bourbon like a American whiskey a. Regular ol bourbon and. A scotch I can tell you what I'm I can. Tell you what the brand is right but I. Can tell you which of the three if a lot. Much of the three categories out put it. In um and this is just it's a scotch. It's it's not as bad as regular scotch. Because with the ice it does tap or. Taper down a little bit but it's still. Not about my country so you i'll give. You a flop I can't give a flop some I. Gotta give it a faint okay the only. Thing I wish that it had more of was a. Little bit more sweetness if it was a. Little bit sweeter that would kind of. Tone everything else yeah but it the. Flavor is not horrible it's no for it to. Be a single malt put that kind of. Figured once it once I did my research. On it i've been laughing the whole time. Like as soon as I start this camera but. Tequila It's Cool I've Had Both My Shots Shirt Try my best not to laugh because I know. Man's gonna hate scotch category so oh. No offense against Suntory well for me. It is a flop.
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Jones you give it a favorite of your. Scotch drinker yeah I would definitely. Say oh I know if your Scotch drinkers I. Think that this would be an interesting. New entry for your palate because it's. Not as bold as regular scotch but boy if. It's not close cousins yeah so I would. Definitely say if you're in a bar I. Would I wouldn't necessarily say if. You're not a big whiskey Scotch drinker. Scotch drink I'm sorry go to a bar that. Has it and you know try a shot try it. You know do like we do you're going to. Try to shot try it on the rocks try it. With a little water and see what you. Think about it and that way you don't. Spend the four thirty five bucks that I. Spent here in North Carolina. Sure I see where other people have paid. Forty five and forty and fifty for this. Particular brand so you know go to the. Bars try it out you know I wouldn't. Suggest you know just going out and. Spending 50 bucks and let it sit in your. Lesion in the paperweight. I don't think it's gonna be a. Paperweight isn't pretty oh well I know. You Joe but uh but it's it's a pretty. Bottle and it's just scotch there's no. Other way around so before we close this. Out I got to ask you a question. Since we have Japanese whiskey versus. The Virginia black which one would you. Pick both have a trend in violence the. Centauri doesn't have the huge American. Celebrity endorser well I'm sorry. Canadian endorser. You know honestly and then you're gonna.
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