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My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt

Abuelita: You finished My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt?. Rafael: Yes . Of course I'm finished. Abuelita: OK. Rafael: Some ???. Abuelita: You, you kind of like umm . . Abuelita: There's a lot going on here. Rafael: Are you excited?. Abuelita: Well I'm happy you finished but put away your laptop, Clean that up . . Grandpa: Look Abuelita .. Rafael: Ssstop! . Grandpa: Mr Grumpy Mumps has surfaced again . Grandpa: Login. Rafael: Shhhhh. Grandpa: Login. Rafael: Shhhhh. Grandpa: It's almost 1/2 an hour of . . NO . .NO . ..Login . ..NO . . . Mr Grumps . . Noooooo. Mr Grumpy Mumps has surfaced again!.
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There he is:::: Mr Grumpy Mumps. Rafael: Ssstopp!. Grandpa: Then login!. Rafael: Stop!. Grandpa: You stop .. I'll stop when you login . Rafael: i'll make you a house in Minecraft . Grandpa: But you're not going to be able to play Minecraft though . Rafael: Nooooo! Ahhhhh!. Grandpa: Your friends are waiting for you man!. Rafael: No I'm not . . . Grandpa: Rafael . . . . . .Login. Rafael: "I'm not gonna do nothin". Grandpa: That's a mistake-eee ache-eee. Rafael: Noooo ..ahhhhh!. Grandpa: You're late ..It's 8:30 !!!. You' were supposed to be on . Five minutes ago!!. Rafael: No! . I'm doing nothing today!! No. Okay you won't do anything and that will . Mean you won't do anything that includes, . Minecraft that includes playing with your . Phone that includes playing on your tablet . Watching any kind of videos it's gonna be . Doing right what you're doing right now !! . Nothing, absolutely nothing . If you wanna . Have fun get your school work done!. Rafael: Shushhh! . Shush and get away from me . .. Grandpa: Have it your way, It's gonna be a boring, boring day .. . Aside from that . . Mommy's gonna be . . Whhoooofff . . . She's gonna be . . Steamin, . .she sees . This she's gonna be steaming!! . Man . All right I'm gonna send . This to mommy . . Rafael: No! Don't you dare!. Grandpa: Then login!. Rafael:No!. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, grumpy mumps . . Right there .. Login. Mommy's gonna be steaming when she sees this. She's gonna be oooff man . She's gonna get the paddle out .. Laughing . . Right there then log in, . Then log in, let's go log in . Login . . Okay ..all right . Here we go .. Okay mommy . . Rafael: No! No! No! Grandpa: Yes! Yes! Yes! . Grandpa: Get to school, get to school !!. Grandpa: From there . .. To there . . Get to school. Login. You know how to do it. Login . Let's go!. It grows like a plant in a way but it's not . Rafael: Grandpa I want to tell you something. There's poisonous ones . And there's not poisonous ones. Yes, that is correct . . See you remembered that!. OK but a mushroom is a fungus . Rafael: Yes, it's a fungus .. . Rafael: And Mario eats mushrooms. OK, What does an astronaut do?. An astronaut goes up into space and lands on the moon . Well not necessarily the moon but they go up to space and they do? . Rafael: They do space stuff . Grandpa: Focus .. Eyes on the screen!. Pay attention eyes on the screen! . Eyes on the screen pay attention over here . Stop doing that you gotta get this done. Monsoon. It's a storm it's like a storm in Asia. . Strawberry? Strawberry is a type of fruit . Boo-berry? Boo-berry is a type of cereal . Holeshot is basically when you aaaaa . . . If you were racing and you got up to racing speed first out of the pack . . You'd get the Holeshot right?. It's the guy that reaches racing speed first . Yes It's the guy or girl that reaches racing speed first .. Out of the pack. Rafael: That was . I did a superhero landing. You did that and you did a good job . . Give me five!. Okay I'm gonna read it .. Okay are you ready?. Sit down, pay attention, eyes on the screen . Take a breath no climbing around okay. We're gonna read the story?. Are we gonna read the story?. Okay. Now this is you .. . Okay you're narrating this here. You're gonna be telling the story okay. I'm gonna say it but . This is from you. This is your narration. Sometimes when I'm in astronaut land. I scream at my grandpa and say. "I want a radical strawberry smoothie". My grandpa being the patient . Man that he is will say woosah. Then proceeds to bury his head in the sand like an ostrich for a moment to regain his thoughts Teechip - My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt. So you used ostrich . Because these are the words you got to put in your story right?. So you use ostrich. You used . .. Scream. And I also used astronaut land .

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