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BEST My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt

And he still hasn't found what he's. Looking well he has found what he's. Looking for. Very well done. What's the name of this furniture in. Today's episode ringing my morning. Smoothie oh if it's about to pick me up. We are going to ikea he needs to buy. Stuff for his we have forever going. My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt Track here right we are he's gonna buy. Stuff for his cleaning cupboard one of. Those string basket thingy barbies i. Don't know what i call out and i am. Gonna buy to sort of those small bat. Those small bureaus because i think i'm. Gonna put them in i think i am i know i Am i'm gonna put them in my kitchen. That's what's going to happen today. Oh then women bye falafel at that great. Place out in cummins corral and after. That we're going home to earth she sort. Of dim demolish he's cleaning cupboard. Booth you sour sauce say that's good. So here we are people at ikea. Once again we never tire do we. So people i really like this backboard.
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Thing going on. Wouldn't that be great in my kitchen. Somewhere my kitchen as you buy this. Paper and then you sort of cannot touch. All those things things like that things. Like this. So this is what its gonna buy two of. Those for his cleaning cupboard so. People i might have sort of kill two. Birds in one stone so this is my table. The thing and that you can actually put. One of those in the back of it so people. I'm going a bananas and i don't got that. Other than going bananas. So if is buying plants because he thinks. He's got the person just enough plants. [music]. And now the moment who came for the tiny. Teeny smallish kind of i don't think. It's here is it. New hostess. And he still hasn't found what he's. My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt Looking where he has found what he's. Looking for. Very well done. What's the name of this furniture so. They're selling freshly baked cinnamon. Buns that ikea 520 grams and someone. Bought five there's pain i'm raising as. You you've just had to be one the time. Thank you. Check out. So is it a tybalt and if we still. Lipping his things so i thought that. Would be more people i'm glad so what. Have you bought a plant storage. Peaceful work. Carry on. So plants plants cinnamon buns bags.
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Things for work i did not buy that sort. Of pegboard thing because i decided. Against it because it seemed perfect but. Then i realized it wasn't perfect i. Would have to sort of dismantle my whole. Cabinet my whole life would have to be. Interrupted so instead i'm doing this. What what are we doing here. Just checking out the side okay. It's the way going oh aren't you going. To go into it like i'm nothing to you. Yeah yes so he's not drunk. He just acts that way so what you're. Gonna buy here raincoat. So what's your favorite song about rain. Opps wondering but the rain purple rain. I think that was better the orange one. Is nicer no don't be. So i never find anything to buy in this. Store because it's too sometimes i find. Things. Yeah. Okay i spoke too soon because then i. Turn around upon this and this it's nice. Right. So people i give you me right fantastic. So now we're gonna go into this sort of. It's furniture and interior decorating. And it's kind of weird i think it's come. Cheap and kitschy and i hopefully i. Think so are you looking forward to this. Well maybe i'm mistaken no i was wrong. This was not the kid she sort of fun. Store i thought it was i'm not i don't. Know how can i i made a mistake. Okay i'm human almost human but now it's. Time for what. So here we are a leper kebab though two. Weeks ago we were here one week ago i. Don't know but we were shopping and we. Were sadly satisfied. So the car reeks of falafel and we are. So hungry.
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Someone is almost a little grumpy cause. He's so so people come out this is god. This is one person it's like buffet. Style so how is your falafel from 10 10. 20 oh my god are you a mime you've been. To mine school please do some rain so. People this is the coverage it's going. To be uncovered did. So how to cook. What how's it going fine no i'm gonna go. Round look at that move on to the new. Voted the way so we've taken a little. Break from coffee and we're gonna watch. My Spirit Animal Is A Grumpy Flamingo Who Slaps Annoying People Shirt The big flower fight or something i. Don't know i think it's flower people. Florists doing stuff to each other so. What are you doing okay say that and. Look at us. What so what are you doing i'm just. Sectioning this good so look it's look. It looks great so far what's the. Elephant in the room. Yes people here we are in earth's. Recycling center we have been throwing. Away plastic paper carton i know some of. You what i almost didn't. It's a great chin well you don't you.
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Don't go on this yeah well do something. That is it it's a person move isn't it. You know are you sure they're i mean. They're still often so maybe. There's no gentlemen i give you. Earth i don't you take it easy. Very well done. So and for those of you haven't seen. That's stockholm in the background so. How did you feel after your workouts are. Slim and exhausted you can see the. Fitness reeks. He reeks fitness tomorrow he will be. Sick in bed so we have seen four. Episodes about the flower show and now. It's time to go home so it's 10 o'clock. At night and still i do. So people i just came home and look what. I got in the nail and you showed eagle. Magazine i haven't cooked i feel like i. Haven't cooked half of the things in the. Obese schubert here's to new challenge You

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