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Inconsistencies between the three types of fluids will result in a disturbed blood flow. Therefore, physicians must eliminate "bad blood" by extracting blood or feeding blood leeches, and restoring the fluid balance when forced to follow an appropriate diet. Schwifty Rick Adidas shirt. Choosing the right diet is a difficult task because it involves religious as well as medical and physiological aspects. Although historians agree that the ancient Hindus ate meat, modern extremist Hindus consider vegetarianism and the banning of beef as a staple of Hindu religious identity. In many states in India, killing cows is against the law. However, evidence from Vedas, epic schools and archaeological excavation sites proves that the "divinity" of cows is actually a relatively recent myth. Ancient Indian traditions mention the sacrifices of cows and other animals to Vedic gods and the eating of such animals was part of a normal meal.

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Some historians believe that the ban on eating meat is due to the evolution of the doctrine of reincarnation and nonviolence of Hindus, Buddhists and Jainism (Jain). 

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