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R.I.P Doris Day shirt

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Wolf can't match any big cat. Cougars are anyway very skillful and ferocious predators because of the challenging terrain in which they hunt. They are more than handful even for some of the big cats like Jaguar. So basically your interruption caused the wolf it's life. Great! All because you wanted to be the first dummy to catch this on film. Like, we had to see this on film. Absent on brain day.  So everybody says he got the wolf killed. But it'd be okay if it was the other way around. I don't get you people. Always you people have only seen wolves and cougars on TV and have no grasp what it is really like in the real world.  H Vick k conducive gym Univ ick Univ in to HK BM bi Gill in in in HK in to BM in inch up in HK BM in vin Chinook Univ unit ugly uninfluenced ick in HK ink union unknown TN IV in TN tick Gigi. The wolf cannot match vougar. Although thry both hsve fangs but yhe sdvantage goes yo cougar as its claws are curved compared to wolf with straight claws. So man got into the middle of nature and messed things up, most of the time these two will fight but break away before one dies. Now more than likely the wolf's pack might just hunt the cougar down and kill it because man got involved.

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