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From the standpoint of collectivism, the attitude of intolerance and harsh suppression of dissent, contempt for life and personal happiness are the essential and inevitable consequences of theoretical premises. communication. Poster Supernatural starry night. Agree, but at the same time supporters of collectivism claim that the regime is more progressive than the one where individual "selfish" interests can hinder goals. that the community pursues. German philosophers are sincere when they try to prove time and time again that striving for personal well-being is unethical and only fulfilling their obligations to society is worthwhile. respect, but it is difficult for people who are educated in other traditions. Where a single noble common goal exists, there is no room for any ethical standards or norms.

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During the war we have also experienced something like that to some extent. But even the war with its inherent dangers creates a relatively peaceful version of democratic rule within democratic states: only a few personal values ​​are set aside to make room for The only goal at that time.

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