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These virtues only develop in individualist or commercially developed societies, and are not present in societies where collectivism or militarism holds the upper hand. Poster In omnia paratus. This difference can be clearly seen in different regions of Germany, and now we can also see it when comparing Germany with Western countries. Until recently, in the most developed areas of commerce, i.e. in the trading cities of the South and the West, as well as the cities of the Hanse, ethical notions were close to more Western standards than those currently in the upper hand in Germany. However, it would be extremely unjust to assume that the masses support the regime in totalitarian states, which we consider immoral regimes, who have no moral motives. For the majority, the situation is quite the opposite: only the moral emotions behind movements like the Nazis or communists can be compared to the experiences of those who have participated in religious movements.

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Great religion in history. But once it is acknowledged that the individual is only a means to serve the goals of a more noble entity, so-called society or a nation, then the characteristics of a totalitarian regime will certainly appear.

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