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But in the sentence just stated clearly: "always". From this, it can be concluded that the Economist does not consider it a sad wartime need. Putting such views into social institutions is certainly not in line with the spirit of the rule of law and will lead directly to the totalitarian state. In Omnia Paratus Poster. But that is exactly the point that those who think the government must manage the economic life are aiming at. The experience of different countries in Central Europe shows that when the state has total control of economic life, the recognition of the form of individual rights and the rights of ethnic minorities has lost all thought. means. It turned out that it was possible to enforce cruel discrimination policies, that is, use of economic measures, against ethnic minorities without violating the text of the legal provisions protecting the rights of surname. Economic measures, in this case, are also easy to use because some areas are almost entirely in the hands of ethnic minorities, so there are many government measures, at first glance it seems against an area or a certain class, in fact, to suppress ethnic minorities.

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Using the seemingly innocuous new principle that "the government controls industrial development" shows tremendous possibilities of oppression and discrimination.

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