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Of course, the method of determining the truth in courts of different countries and regions differs. But only in the case, first, use civilized measures; second, there are evidences and witnesses, and finally, there is an accusation and defense litigation in court that the people will recognize the trial and the court's rulings as fair. Compassion. Nicest mean redhead ever mug. There are sometimes good reasons not to use conventional sanctions. For example, the defendant kills for self-defense, steals because he is too hungry, and lies to hide another person. Such excuses are used to condemn or be regarded as extenuating circumstances. The ancient Romans introduced the principle that it is better to fall in crime than to punish innocent people. Many legal systems require the evidence to be completely valid. Even if there is a judgment you can appeal, if it is a death sentence, you can get relief.

Nicest mean redhead ever mug

The concept of kindness is understood differently, depending on the religion and culture of each region. It is possible that in different countries different penalties apply for the same sin. It is the determinant of attitudes towards criminals in different countries in the same situation. For example, after the velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1989 dictators and their minions were acquitted, while in Argentina, the Philippines, and Iraq the situation was complete.

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