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In response to the British Fleet on the North Sea, Germany decided to use its Ocean Fleet. The Ocean Fleet is built with surface ships, submarines, and has Zeppelin balloons that support air reconnaissance. Particularly for floating ships, by May 1916, this fleet had 109, of which, there were 16 modern Dreadnought-class battleships, 6 old-class battleships (pre-Dreadnought,) 5 main cruisers, 11 light cruisers and 61 small ancient destroyers [70]. The main cruisers and battleships of Germany were heavily armored in the hull and deck. Regarding weapons systems, of the 27 battleships and cruisers, 14 ships are equipped with 300mm caliber guns, 13 ships armed with 280mm caliber guns. To my dad your daughter poster. In addition, large German ships were equipped with 150mm-caliber guns. The gun turrets on German warships had shooting assistance systems that allowed them to be shot even in low light; artillery with a low-fuse cannon ensures that it explodes when it hits the target. In addition, the German destroyers are equipped with guns and torpedoes to serve both defense and attack missions.

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