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Easily distracted by music and cats poster

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Black cats are considered demons, for example they do not bring luck or bad luck or are often associated with witches in many medieval cultures especially black cats. Black cats are often considered a sign of bad omen. Typically the belief that a black cat crosses the path of someone who is walking will be in bad luck, or that cats are assistants to witches, helping the women increase their power. According to Western conception and in many European countries culture, black cat is one of the symbols of unlucky, the appearance of black cat often brings bad luck.
In the 14th century, medieval Europe in Europe, cats were convicted of being messengers of demons, embodiment of witches and burned alive on a trellis, or thrown from a high tower to the rock floor to death. In the seventeenth century, the black cat was a couple with witch, instead of being worshiped, it turned into a terrifying animal. They are used in sacrifice rituals as sacrifices. In Ireland, when a black cat passes in front of you, it means sickness will come. In Rome, Moldavia and the Czech Republic, the notion of a black cat passing in front of them will bring bad luck still exists today.
Easily distracted by music and cats poster

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