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Lion king hakuna matata shirt

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They do understand some words that they are used to, like let's go or sit but a long sentence is useless my 10yo golden retiver is smart but only when he wants to be smart and when you've got a treat in your hand, he never chased balls or sticks, just looks at me like So sorry for your loss. Goldens are so beautiful! My granddog Spencer went over Rainbow Bridge yesterday he was 10 and also a golden. I hope Buster greeted him. I have Spencers sister Mia. Our hearts are broken. The tears keep flowin, They bring so much joy to our lives! If love could save them they would live forever RIP Spencer and Buster.  am animal crazy and have. Lost many in my life to say I understand is a understatement ! I miss everyone of them I have another that was rescued by me when he was a pup he’s my best friend ! Always understand but anyone u can get to rescue or get another plz do so many there to be loved.  No wonder, Buster was a great looking dog, was just like my Sara, went 23 years ago and I still think about her every day when I am out walking with my present dogs, and I still compare dogs to her so although Buster is not there, he will never leave you. Kindly thoughts with you.

Lion king hakuna matata Hoodie

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