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Such concealment does not change the fact that small countries are more dependent on big countries than when they agree to give up part of their political independence. Yoga let that shit go poster. It should be noted that the most enthusiastic supporters of the New Economic Order in Europe, as well as their predecessors in Germany and the Fabians in England, were the ones who showed the most disdain for the rights of individuals and the rights of small countries. Professor Carr's point of view, in which he deserves to be more representative of the trend of totalitarianism in England than in domestic affairs, led a colleague to ask: “If the attitude of the Nazis to the small sovereign states that become the attitude of all people, what is war for?

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Those who have noticed the anxiety that different newspapers such as the Times in London and New Statesman have caused our small allies when discussing these issues know that our fellow states what kind of attitude our dissenters will be discontent with, and how quickly if we follow those advisors we will lose the sympathy cultivated in the last war. 

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