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Jimmy Buckets Shirt

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My Sadie knew my body language as well. When she saw me be displeased while staring at the freshly dug holes in the yard, she would watch me with hands on hips stare at the hole and she then would quietly put herself into her doghouse! It took a few years, but words weren't necessary later in her life 17 years.  I just lost my lovely girl nearly 3 months ago. She was 11, and was gone due to false diagnosis. Thought out our precious 11 years together, I think that if we grow the mutual love enough, eventually they would recognize all. Tones, words, emotions, and even the atmosphere in the environment. My Goldie girl was even a peace maker. If she saw an turmoil in the house, she would step into the war zone, and gently calm the aggressor down with her nose, and then the go to the loosing side to lick the hands to provide comfort.  My dogs understand the word Play means to go outside and play with toys. All I have to say is the word play, doesn't matter how I say it, they know what it means. Same goes for the word treat and bye bye means to go for a walk or car ride. Dogs do know words.  My dog was watching a friend talk on the phone so my friend said something about the stupid dog looking at him" or something to that effect. My dog walked over, lifted his leg, and peed on my friend. This boy dog ALWAYS squatted to pee. In his 15 years of life that was the one and only time I ever saw him lift a leg. I swear he understood. 

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