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Liberalists want to protect private property completely not because abolishing it would violate someone's ownership. If they thought that abolishing the private ownership regime would benefit everyone, they would undoubtedly support the abolition of it, even though such a policy could hurt owners. property. In My Life Poster. But maintaining this institution is the benefit of all strata of society. Even a poor person, someone who has no property at all, has a much better life than a life in a society that is unable to produce a portion of what is produced in society today. now on. Inequality of assets and income is the most critical issue. In society, there are rich and poor people, there are very rich people and there are very poor people. The solution is not that difficult: equally divide all assets.

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The first way to object to this proposal is to assume that it will not help to improve the situation because the number of people with moderate wealth is many times greater than the number of wealthy people, so such a redistribution will not How much more each person's living standard is increased. This of course is true, but not enough. 

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