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BEST I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I'm Not A Hoarder I'm A Hero Shirt

Hi guys welcome to. Enchanted bookins i'm ankita and today i. Am super excited because i am going book. Shopping. It has been a really long time that i. Have been to the bookstore that is. Very close to my place and i'm super. Excited to. Go and explore what new books they have. Having said that i do want to buy two. Books the first one. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I'm Not A Hoarder I'm A Hero Shirt  Is the house in the cereal sea by tj. Clune. I already have a kindle version of this. Book but. As i was reading it i just felt like. This is one of those books that i would. Really like to. Own a physical copy of it's just like a. Very cozy book. And the second one that i'm planning to. Buy is. 100 years of solitude by gabrielle. Garcia marquez. I don't think i've ever mentioned it on. The channel but i am. A really huge marquis fan. Gabriel garcia marquez is one of those. Writers whose writing is. Exquisite and gorgeous he just takes his. Narration to. And all together different level i don't. Even think i can. Do justice in explaining how good his. Writing is. Uh he is also the king of magical. Realism. If you guys don't know what it is.
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Magical realism is like. A perfect blend of fantastical elements. And realism what the authors do in. Magical realism. Is that they introduce these paranormal. Supernatural elements or fantastical. Elements in a very realistic and. Sometimes. Very brutal settings having said that i. Have not read all the books by mark. Garcia marquez. I make it a point to read one of his. Work every year. And it has been several years that i. Haven't read him read his work. Just because life happened anyways. However. I do plan to make up for those lost. Years by reading one of. His one of his most popular works. That is 100 years of solitude one of my. Favorites of his. Is of love and other demons. Of love and others demons is is such a. Beautiful work i think it is one of his. Lost. Novels and you can tell because it is. Written with. Such perfection not that his other works. Are not perfect. But this one is like sheer perfection. You cannot find anything wrong with it. It's truly magical i read this book five. Or six years ago so from what. I can remember is that it's a story. About. A girl and a priest so this girl.
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Is a teenager and she gets bitten by a. Rabid dog. And a lot of villagers are bitten by. This dog. And a lot of them die from rabies but. This girl does not contract this disease. And because she does not contract this. Disease she is considered to be. Demonically possessed. And so she is brought to a convent for. Exorcism. And this priest falls in love with this. Girl. And unbeknownst to the bishop the priest. Visits this girl in her cell every day. And he forms a very romantic attachment. With her. Essentially from the name you can tell. Of love and other demons. It is a story about for how. Superstitious beliefs can. Lead to dangerous endings it also gives. Us insight into how. Love is almost demonic so it is one of. My favorite words and i. Highly recommend it to everyone who. Loves literature. It's one of the classics that you should. Read i haven't read 100 years of. Solitude. So obviously i cannot compare it with. This one but. You know of all the works that i've read. Of his of love and other demons is my. Favorite. Okay so these are the two books that i'm. Planning to buy. And we'll see how it goes and i'll take. You along with me. And i'll try to film a little bit in the. Store. I am not sure how much i'll be able to. Do but i'll try my best. So i'll see you in about an hour. I don't think that much is enough for me. To shop. For books ah i'll see you in a few hours. Hello i'm back every time i visit a. Bookstore i'm so. Happy to see all the books i feel like. I'm. Actually overwhelmed i forget what books. I am there to get and. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I'm Not A Hoarder I'm A Hero Shirt  I spend so much time looking for the. Books that i wanted. And we'll see how many i was able to. Find. And any other books i found so the books. That i. Got are these.
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I don't know if you can see but the. First one is. The girl who drank the moon by. Kelly barnhill look at the cover it is. Stunning isn't it. Oh my goodness oh i also want to add. That. This one won the john newbery medal. So if you are looking for. Good books look for the books that have. Got the john. Newbery medal or those that were even. Nominated. Or shortlisted okay i have had this book. On my tbr. For quite some time and i. I don't know i was just waiting for the. Right moment to. Buy this book then i would have time to. Read but i came across this. And look at the price it's just 4.99. It's. Super cheap um and this does not look. Like. A used book it almost looks new to me. So i'm pretty happy i got a deal on this. One so. What more can i ask for i don't know. Exactly what the. Story is about so i'm just gonna read. Like the back of the book. And we'll find out together that is if. You. Aren't already familiar with this i. Think i'm pretty late this. Came out a few years ago probably four. Or five years ago. Anyways let's get into the summary every. Year the people of the protectorate. Leave a baby as an. Offering to the witch who lives in the. Forest to keep her from terrorizing. Their town. Okay but the zan is really gentle. And kind. She shares her home with a wise swan. Monster. And a perfectly tiny dragon. I'm already intrigued zan rescues the. Children and delivers them to welcoming. Families. On the other side of the forest oh. That's so sweet. Kind of kind of right. I think so yeah i think so. It's kind of nice of her but she could. Give the kids just like back to the. Family that they belong to. Could she ah i don't know anyways one. Year so this one year. Zan accidentally feeds a baby moonlight. Filling the ordinary child with. Extraordinary magic. Zan decides she must raise this girl who. She calls luna as her own. That is such a lovely and appropriate. Name. For a girl who is filled with moonlight. Magic. Luna very lovely as luna's 13th birthday. Approaches her magic begins to emerge. With unpredictable consequences. Just when it's time for zan to go. Collect another child meanwhile a young. Man is determined to free his people by. Killing the witch. Oh no and a volcano dormant for. Centuries rumbles within the. Earth and that's the summary. Oh there's also a quote on the back it. Says. There is magic in starlight of course. This is well known. Moonlight however that is a different. Story. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I'm Not A Hoarder I'm A Hero Shirt  Moonlight is magic ask. Anyone you like okay. So i'm super excited for this one all. Right the second one i've got is. Fool's assassin by robin hobb this one. Is uh the first book in the fits and the. Fool trilogy. And i got this for only 9.99 it's a.
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Hardback it's a hardback no it's a hard. Cover. This is the last uh trilogy by robin. Hobb in this magical world. Of elderlings i wouldn't recommend you. Read this book if you haven't read. All of her previous trilogies this one. Is a continuation. Of the story of fictional rick farseer. Who is a royal bastard. And who is basically raised to be an. Assassin for royal family's gain. It is very much a book about royal. Family. Dynamics and politics but it is set in. This. Really uh intriguing and very well built. Magical system or the world the world. Building. Is just fantastic now what i like about. Robin hobb and what is different about. Her magical world it's not just fun and. Frolic. It is a very intelligent world building. Which i really like and one of the. Things that robin hobb really excels in. Is her character development. The character development in all of her. Books. Is uncomparable i haven't ever seen. Any any any author come. Even close to what. Robin hook does with her characters so. If you're planning to read. Robin hobb books you can start with the. Farseer trilogy. I'm not a big fan of that trilogy. Although a lot of people do. Like it but stick with it because it. Does get better. Then the second is the live ship traders. Trilogy. Which is my favorite in all of her. Trilogies and all of her books. Again the first book in this one which. Is ship of magic. Is kind of a trudge you just have to. Go through it it's like 800 pages of. Ptos but it is definitely. Worth it because the next two books are. Brilliant. In that trilogy the third one is the. Tawny man trilogy. In this one you will see the characters. I Rescue Books Trapped In The Bookstore I'm Not A Hoarder I'm A Hero Shirt  From the first trilogy the farsi trilogy. So we again follow the story officially. First here. I cried a lot while reading this trilogy. I don't think i've. Ever ever cried as much as i've cried. Reading this trilogy the fourth one is. Actually a quartet. And that is the rain wilds chronicles. Again the world building is remarkable.
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In this one. So these are the books that you do need. To read if you want to start reading. The fitz and the fool trilogy and all of. The books. Are chunky except for the first one the. First year trilogy. But once you start reading her books you. Will feel like even. This was not enough this one is 664. Pages i'm super excited about this one. However i am disappointed that i could. Find only one book. I wish i had found the entire series but. They only have this one so. I'm gonna order the other two books on. Amazon and then i'm going to start. Reading this book. This tv is when i am in the mood for.
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