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Horse nice butt poster

 The Purebred breed was developed in the 17th century in England and gradually shaped in the 18th century. This is the result of a cross between one of the best female horses in England and one of the three famous stallions of the time. Now the Arabian, Barbary (North African) and Turkoman (now extinct) Turkoman. This horse has a large stature, from 1m4 to 1m5, weighing up to 400 kg, including Hong Ma (reddish brown) and Bach Ma (white fur). His physique is as healthy and balanced as the above horse breeds, so in the past, England held the world hegemony for centuries thanks to the arrogant and good war cavalry. From the late 18th century, the Thoroughbred horses began to spread outside England. It is imported into America, Japan, Australia, Europe, and growing day by day.
There are millions of Purebred horses around the world, about 180,000 newly registered each year. Nowadays, the Thoroughbred Horse is mostly used in races, it is also the most expensive horse in the world. With the title of the most expensive horse in the world, using a purebred horse requires a lot of complicated permits and procedures. The registration procedure for a purebred horse is also strict, with the identity of the parents and the same place of birth, the date of birth is clearly the same as that of a birth certificate. competent and reputable. The origin of a Thoroughbred horse can be traced back to its origins: this mare is in England and which of the three types of Arab, Barb, Turkoman was imported 400 years ago. .
Horse nice butt poster

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