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HOT Hard Rock Cafe Diagon Alley Shirt

From the rich archive of documents on the history of music in the Hard Rock Cafe Diagon Alley Shirt collection, a telegram exchange exhibited in the chain's Prague venue - acquired at a 1995 auction, on which there had been little attention so far, gained new notoriety. The first of the two messages is signed by Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and jazz drummer Tony Williams and was sent on October 21, 1969 to the London studios of Apple Records - the Beatles record company, already in crisis at the time - addressed to Paul McCartney.
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On July 8th the new expansion of the Wizarding World of Hard Rock Cafe Diagon Alley Shirt, the theme park dedicated to Harry Potter's books and films, will open in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It reconstructs Diagon Alley and other famous places in the saga, such as the bank of Gringotts, the Magic Cauldron, Notturn Alley and the Weasley brothers' shop, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. You can also drink a butterbeer, buy a pygmy puffola, play with magic wands and take part in the escape from the bank of Gringotts.
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A Beatles employee replied to them explaining that McCartney was on holiday (in Scotland) and could not join the invitation. Music historians have written a lot about the possibility of a joint album by Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix, and the friendship between the two was well known: then something did not materialize in the planned album, and a year later the telegram Jimi hendrix died in London from an overdose, at 27 years old. Less well known was the hypothesis that their bass player might be Paul McCartney. Hard Rock Cafe Diagon Alley Shirt joins Hogsmeade, the part of the park dedicated to Harry Potter so far, which is located in the Islands of Adventure along with other attractions and allows, among other things, to explore the halls and runners of Hogwarts. Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade will be linked by the Espresso to Hogwarts.
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Firefighters' searches are hectic, trying to extract as many people as possible from under all the rubble. Meanwhile, the city has woken up with a strong roar and the terror of an attack, as the dramatic images inevitably bring to mind September 11 as you read in the Mirror. The main problem, according to the New Orleans emergency department, is that that very building could be subject to subsequent collapse. It's therefore a big risk for the rescuers who are trying to save as many people as possible and then evacuate. In particular, the large crane that towers the building itself, could come off at any moment and fall already going to cause a lot of damage.

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