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In this day and age, many countries still have restrictions on citizenship. This issue is often discussed in regional and international forums. For example, under Latvian law, only families who have lived in the country before 1939 are allowed to vote. In Germany, only German immigrants have the right to become citizens of this country. Another example is San-Marino. Van halen guitar concert. This small and ancient country changed its constitution in 1939. Now all people born in San-Marino have the right to vote no matter where they live and what nationality they hold. Fair Court. The protection of human rights depends a lot on the operation of the legal system. In our opinion, the fairness of the legal system is determined by the following three components: unbiased, truth-determining procedures.

Van halen guitar concert shirt

Each of the above elements is derived from different cultures and civilizations. If we look at the elements of such a just court throughout history, it is found that some, in different countries, for different reasons disappeared, and were restored. , sometimes with enormous obstacles to overcome. Unbiased. This is a very relative concept. In order to have unbiased decisions, jurors are often invited to participate.

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