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Review Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Shirt

Hey, everybody, I'm Matty Matheson. What is up? Today, Esquire's asked me to talk about a couple of my favorite things. Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Shirt I like to buy knives and I. Like to buy vintage t-shirts, and these are some of the things. That really make me happy, and I'm going to show. You my favorite shirts. I've got about five of them here, and i've got a couple of knives. This is a knife collection. Thanks, Esquire, for wondering. About some of my stuffs. Today, I'm going to talk to you about, here's some t-shirts. A lot of people are always like, "Where do you get your shirts?" I get my shirts from all over the world. I buy vintage, delivery from, who knows? A random Instagram account, some stores that I love. From around the world.

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Two years ago, I was bopping. Around San Francisco, in Haight and Ashbury,. Looking for some Dead shirts. Obviously, there's a lot of new ones, not really a lot of vintage, actual, good Grateful Dead shirts,. But something i've found, which is really cool, I. Found a fish bone shirt. This obviously doesn't really fit me. Let me try it on. I'll show you. Let me. Yeah, this one doesn't fit, okay? But that is something that... I don't buy clothes on if they fit me. I buy clothes if I like. Them, 'cause I treat them like little jewels, and I. Think this fish bone shirt, this fish bone shirt is. A good example of just, I went into a vintage store. It's crazy. It was one of those finds. I got it. Literally, I. Think it was like $17. If you're into the reselling game, I know that this shirt probably. Goes for a lot of money, but I'm just happy to have one. It's one of those iconic vintage shirts that everyone's looking for. This is a little bit of. A white whale and racism, straight up, you. My next shirt, I'm a huge,. Well, I shouldn't say, not a huge Black Flag fan. I am a Black Flag fan but. Rollins Band is something that I just, I don't know. It's too groovy to be real. I love Rollins Band very much. I got an original Part. Animal, Part Machine, and this shirt, I think,. Is just one of those things that like, so sick, and I. Think Search and Destroy, it's such a good saying.
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You're searching, you're destroying and I think destroy is. Almost like a positive, doing the best, what you. Can, with what you've got, and I think destroying is just. Making it happen, having fun. Look at that hole. That's. A good hole right there. That's a good hole right there. I have Search and. Destroy on my hands here. I got that tattooed. I'm obviously a really big. Iggy and The Stooges fan, and I was eating at this. Restaurant in Parkdale and literally Iggy Pop. Walks in, wearing sandals, cargo shorts, the funniest. Version of Iggy Pop. I guess just him being completely normal and it was the first time. Ever that I geeked out and I saw a real. Celebrity ever in my life, and I was just like, "Oh. My God, there's Iggy Pop. "That's Iggy Pop." I calmed myself down. I just was dumbfounded. And I was just like, "I'm not going to bug Iggy Pop. "I'm not going to go up and be like, hey, "look at my tattoo." Sometimes it's better to. Leave things unsaid, you know?

Review Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

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And I wasn't going to ruin the. Way I thought about Iggy Pop to anybody. Grateful Dad Like A Regular Dad But Cooler Shirt So I think Henry Rollins. Loved Iggy Pop and The Stooges and I think Search and. Destroy is just such an iconic kind of thing. Yeah, that's shirt's one. Of my favorites, okay? Now, here we go. This shirt. I've got an original Brent. Mydland memorial shirt, and I think Brent Mydland is. One of my favorite keyboardists of the Grateful Dead. This shirt is just iconic. Taylor and Deadhead. I got this off him, off Deadhead. Check out Deadhead on IG. But this shirt, to me, is just one of those. White whales of shirts. If you're a Deadhead, I think this shirt is one of those iconic shirts. Rest in peace, Brent. It's. Just one of those shirts. It's iconic. (upbeat music) Now, we're going to switch gears here. So I had a TV show on Viceland,. Called "Dead Set on Life." That title comes from. "Dead Set on Destruction" from Husker Du, and when. I had my heart attack, it was funny, I wanted to open. A bar with my buddy, Brian, called Dead Set on Destruction, and we wanted to make the. Mankiest dive bar ever, called Dead Set on Destruction, and then I had my heart. Attack from doing some drugs, and they said, "I guess you're not going. To open up that bar, "Dead Set on Destruction. "Why don't you get dead set on life?" And that's where the name,. "Dead Set on Life" comes from. I had a show called "Dead. Set on Life", and this is, "Candy Apple Grey" is my. Favorite Husker Du album. There's a song on it, Dead.

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