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 I always thought dogs didn't really understand human language especially less often used words. Once i visited the folks and stayed for a few days, and usually I get a warm morning welcome from the dogs, one morning I told my parent's dog she was too fat and she looked grieved and gave me the cold shoulder the entire morning.  Dogs respond to tone as well as words. Topper knew the word bath and would run and hide regardless of the tone in which it was spoken. He later learned to flee from b-a-t-h as well.  ok heres a test for you, try giving the same commands while your on helium and see if the dog responds, most likely they wont coz its the tone they respond too and understand not the words. I rehomed a 2 yr old lab who was obedience trained and understood most "dog" language people use. But I could never get him to drop the ball. Then one day it hit me: he'd been trained in french! So now our Blaze is bilingual. And not only do dogs understand most recurring language, but they are really good are reading body language. I'm still learning with Floyd, our 2 yr old Border Collie/Husky mix. He's really really intelligent and understands the concept of TV, how his remote collar works or doesn't if he's behind something, and how to communicate his needs to humans. All animals are like this if you take the time with them like you would with children.

Get hype cleganebowl king's landing brother vs brother Ladies

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