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Although the basic principles of Indian fluid pathology are similar to those of Greek medicine, the Ayurvedic system offers a number of subtle additions. Freddie Mercury Christmas Tree shirt. The three types of Ayurvedic body fluids, when combined with blood, determine all the functions necessary for life. The body is made up of a combination of five elements - earth, water, fire, wind and space - and from seven basic types of tissue. The functions of the body also depend on 7 separate winds, the main soul and the inner soul. Some Ayurvedic physicians are also interested in angioplasty to diagnose disease, breathing and meridians, which are reminiscent of classical Chinese medical theory. Health is the result of a delicate balance and harmony between basic fluids; This balance is easily lost in accidents, injuries, stress and being possessed by demons. Thus, illness is caused by an imbalance between wind, bile and nectar or, more philosophically, it is physiologically abusive, a mistake in decision making and time past. The degree of disturbance will determine whether the disease will be mild, severe or incurable.

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Except for a small number of people with perfect balance, all human beings from birth have more or less inconsistencies between the three types of translation, thus forming a prerequisite for certain diseases.

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