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Earth Advocate Pendant

Your chance to buy one now before the end of the campaign. Exclusive offer! Not in any store.
Artwork designed by a local Californian artist and activist for a peaceful healthy planet.

Let's put out into the world the ideas and realities we want to see coming back the other direction to us all!

When we wear artwork that declares our values, our hopes and dreams for a better world, we plant a seed in the collective consciousness of the world!
We declare that we care deeply about a more compassionate just and peaceful world and we create the opportunity to have conversations with "strangers" and friends about these things.

I created these pendants to help us create a new collective conscious agreement affirming the world we want to live in together.
What does it mean to be an advocate? It means using adding your voice to a chorus of others calling for a peaceful world! 

"Ad-Voc-ate" Add your voice to a chorus of others around the world calling for a sustainable healthy world to leave to our children and theirs!

When I wear them, people often smile and say "Wow I really love that!" and hey how great is it to hear people speaking of things like saving our planet together, like love and peace, especially in these times.

I made this & my others in this series because I know we can make a more compassionate world together and we get more of what we focus on and give our energy to in life. You are going to LOVE having this arrive in the mail and wearing this beautiful pendant.

Let's use our presence to be present for Peace.
Thank you for sharing this campaign and may your life be filled with peace & good health!

Buy one for yourself and one for a loved one.

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Sterling Silver with chain.

(100% Printed, Made, And Shipped From The USA)

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