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Disney Life Happy Wife shirt

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You say terrible things to your dog and think that is funny. Do you do physical terrible things to your dog and think its funny. Even if the dog does not understand YOU do.  If dogs didn't understand actual words, they'd ALWAYS do the opposite of what you asked. They can distinguish words from tones. Did you actually read the article about the study parameters and what they tested? It proves exactly that from the brain scans of the year dogs.  People wouldn't get it too if you say something that won't match your tone of voice or your body language, it's called doble bind communication when one message negates de other: it cause emotional stress and a lot of problems and complications in any relationship.They understand words from repetition. But Julia knibbs is also correct. What I would add is that if they don't know a specific word then it doesn't matter what you say they will respond to your tone and body language. You can call an animal anything you want. "What a smart dog" for instance and if you say it happy and bubbly they will be excited and if you say the same thing with a stern voice they will be afraid or not happy. You can't tell me that if you swear at a dog or call it a name that they understand what that means unless you use that word in repetition with them.  I had a Rottweiler and believe me he understood everything I was saying..for example when I would be with friends and family and mabey he done something bad juring the day and I would be telling them the story he would not like it and try and stop me from telling them by coming to my arm nugging me to stop .. dogs understand I'm very sure.

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