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By the process of emancipation, that Unity arose the Divine Mind or word, which contained all the living forms or wisdom of individuals. Therefore, what contains the Divine Mind constitutes an immeasurable reflection of the homogeneous perfection of the One. Dinosaur fossil rug. Beneath the divine mind is the World Soul, linking the intellectual and material realms. There are three transcendent realities or the One entity, the Divine Mind and the World Soul that support the tangible and finite world which consists of individual humans and matter. Sometimes Plotinus compared the One with an upper spring from which the lower levels of reality flowed out.

Dinosaur fossil rug

The cosmology of the neo-Plato also has religious implications because Plotinus believes that man has the potential to seek a life in which the individual soul will, through contemplation, rise to the level of wisdom of the Divine Mind. and then through mysterious unity, will penetrate into the One itself. On the contrary, the lack of being, or the lack of desire towards the One, is the cause of sin, which is seen as a quality of rejection, that is, to participate in the perfection of the One.

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