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Die Silently - Opioid Epidemic Awareness

60 thousand people a year die from it. Millions are addicted to it. Nearly 100 million people took it in some form last year. 300 million prescriptions were filled for it. $25 billion was spent on it. It is the opioid – a painkiller that takes many forms, from prescription Percocet, to illegal heroin, to the synthetic fentanyl. In the 1830s foreigners brought opium to China and it ravaged the country, in the 1990s multinational corporations and their bought and sold doctors brought it to the United States and it has spread like wildfire through the depressed and forgotten regions of the nation.
Communities across the US are destroying themselves quietly, and quietly is the only way to describe it. These people are quietly addicted, they quietly suffer, and they quietly die.



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