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Damian lillard dame over shirt

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The amount of ignorant comments here is evidence enough for me to take what you all say with a grain of salt. I think I'll trust a peer reviewed scientific study over a Facebook comment any day. Kaylasa Giselle You are right on! And the closer you are to them, the more you talk to them, the more they understand. I know someone that didn't believe it either. One evening we were sitting on my deck, I turned my back to my 6 dachshunds and said in a tone I never use, the words, do you all want to go in the house? All 6 of them get up and start in. I never moved, no body language. Just words. Non-believer was SHOCKED.... He looked stumped, all 6 dogs are looking at me like, Aren't you coming? LOL My 6 dachshunds had a huge vocabulary in words they knew. Wanna Bath, Nails trimmed, They start disappearing. Are you saying if you ask if your dog wants a treat, not looking at the dog... it don't understand?? All of mine would be at the treat jar bouncing up and down.  My dogs knows words and knows what I mean when I ask him to move. No matter the tone if I say the word move he will get out of my way he's a Velcro dog so he's always in my way. He also knows at least thirty other words and can recognize them in sentences no matter the tone. I have four dogs and only one seems to be this smart though.

Damian lillard dame over Ladies

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