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Quy Phong quarter bite bowl sink again. If it weren't for the normal, he would have put up the table by now. Ice Cream Gun Tee. In front of him, he dared to make such a flirtatious glance, so when he was not at home, these two were not even till death. Husband, why don't you eat, look what we do? Is there something on our face? Tinh Tinh wiped his face and lifted Lap Dinh's chin again: Dinh Dinh, let me see. I don't have anything. A meal does not know how stuffy. After eating, Quy Phong immediately went out. Not long after, he carried his daughter from his father. He thought that doing so Tinh Tinh will put emphasis on the child, whoever he just entered the door, Lap Dinh rushed in front of him, took the baby: Wow, Little Chilli has grown this big? Give me a kiss please! Jubborn, too fragrant. Quy Phong opened his eyes wide open, just about to rob his daughter when she glanced at her wife glared, not willing to withdraw her hand. Love, why doesn't the baby look like you? Who said not like me.

Ice Cream Gun Tee-front

Not like me, maybe not like you? Hey, look closely, it is a bit like that. You see this nose, this lips, beautiful like me. There are also these eyes, look sexy yet. 

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