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After the train ran for about eight hours, the king lost his position and his entourage reached Dong Hoa east of Manchuria, about a hundred miles from the Cao Ly border. Miller lite crocband crocs shoes. The first plan was that Pho Nghi would stay here, but fearing Russian aircraft bombarded Pho Nghi's group had to enter a coal mining town, where there were solid coal mines that could be safe from flying. strafing engine. The train slowly crawled up Truong Bach Mountain.
Miller lite crocband crocs shoes
But when entering Truong Bach mountain, the fleeing group risked facing the communist guerrillas in the mountain. Here Pho Nghi and everyone stayed in a small hotel built in wood on the mountain. It was here that three hundred years ago, Pu Yi's ancestors gathered an army to conquer China. The Qing army at that time swept down the Manchu fields and passed through the gate of the Great Wall at Son Hai Quan, captured the Forbidden City and erected the Dai Thanh Dynasty.

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