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Butterfly Shot Glass


This Lovingly hand-crafted shot glass  is a unique work of art and will remind you to cocoon rather than be in quarantine. The difference is intent. Quarantining comes from fear, whereas cocooning results from the desire to transform. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly after spending time cocooning.  During this time of isolation, it works on becoming a new, gorgeous creature it is destined to be.

Drink from it  so you can always have your charm act as a powerful talisman or guide during these challenging times to:

Adapt...Cocoon...Courage...Express...Relax...... Vitality...Transform 


All More Than Charms  products are digitally designed by talented artist Natalie Clarke. Make this unique product yours today.



 1.5 ounce (29.5ml) shot glass

 Material: Ceramic

 Dimensions: 2.4″ x 2.4″ x 2.0″ (h x w x d) / 6.2″ (circ.)  6cm x 6cm x 5cm (h x w x d) / 15.7″ (circ.) 

 Color: White outside with black inside

 Dishwasher safe.


If you would like a customised design contact us and we can create it for you.




(Printed, Made, And Shipped From The USA)

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